Is Bankruptcy right for me?

Bankruptcy can help individuals who are going through an extreme financial hardship get a fresh start. Bankruptcy can also save your home from foreclosure, stop harassing creditor calls, and stop wage garnishments. In some cases, Bankruptcy can even eliminate second and third mortgages on your home, as well as reduce the mortgages on your investment properties down to the market value of the property today. Bankruptcy is a complicated process, however, that requires specific knowledge of the law and procedures associated with it.

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Will I lose my home?

South Florida has been one of the hardest hit markets in the United States by the Foreclosure Crisis. According to RealtyTrac, in July, 2012, 1 in every 361 homes in Miami-Dade County was currently in Foreclosure. Although many government and lender instituted programs exist to try and assist homeowners with their hardships, most of them involve a complicated application process, and have very stringent requirements and deadlines that if not met, could preclude you from ever qualifying for the relief in the future.

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Can Mediation help my case?

Miami Mediator Tony Roca is Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as both a Civil and Family Mediator. Additionally, Mr. Roca has specialized training in the areas of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy.

Mediating vs. Litigating a lawsuit or dispute can have several advantages including cost. Mediation is process by which a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates the communication between the parties in an effort to try and resolve the issues without the need for a lengthy and costly litigation. The mediator is not a judge, he does not tell the parties what they should or should not do. Instead, he or she provides alternatives or options to the parties, in an informal setting, with the sole purpose of trying to reach an agreement that both sides can live with.

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